Laurent Rouaud

Dr. Laurent C. Rouaud

Managing Director

Before starting AVWORKS PARTNERS with his co-founder, Dr. Laurent Rouaud was the Chief Marketing Officer for all the businesses and activities of GE Aviation. Prior to GE, he worked in a similar capacity at Airbus. Dr. Rouaud was instrumental in the growth of GE Aviation and Airbus in launching and establishing commercial success for aircraft, engines, components and services products as well as setting up successful partnerships and ventures. His coverage of a wide range of markets included commercial and military jet engines and components as well as integrated digital, avionics, electric power, digital and mechanical systems for aircraft and the global service network to support these offerings. As the head of market and product strategy at Airbus, he launched a number of aircraft products and services including the A350 and A320neo. His career started in 1987 at McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach, California, as a senior airline market analyst in the Strategic Planning and Forecasting Department of Douglas Aircraft. Dr. Rouaud currently serves as Assistant Professor at Purdue University.