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Dwight D. Deneal

Director, Office of Small Business Programs
Defense Logistics Agency

Mr. Dwight D. Deneal is the Director for the DLA Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), Headquarters, located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. In this capacity, Mr. Deneal provides executive leadership for all aspects of the DLA’s small business mission, including small business program functional operations for DLA’s
six Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs). Under Mr. Deneal’s leadership he supervises and directs advocacy and outreach for all of DLA’s small business programs, development and dissemination of policies and procedures for execution of small business functions, and oversight for the execution of the small business program at the DLA’s contracting activities–equating to more than $45 billion
dollars of annual contract spending.

Under Mr. Deneal’s direction, he provides the vision for the DLA Small Business program and
oversight of the agencies’ fiduciary responsibility to maximize small business federal procurement
dollars. Mr. Deneal maintains, and grows strategic partnerships that attract traditional and nontraditional businesses into the DLA supply chain; while striving to build dynamic ecosystems that
help grow the national defense industrial base. This includes representing the program to state
policy, industry and federal acquisition leaders; while working collaboratively towards a common
goal and vision. As a result, the DLA Small Business Program was recognized as the “2023 Agency
of the Year” by the National 8(a) Association and National Historically Underutilized Business Zone
(HUBZone) Contractors Council.

Previously, Mr. Deneal served as Director, Small Business and Industry Liaison Programs for the
U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), an operational component of the U.S. Department of Homeland
Security (DHS). In this capacity, Mr. Deneal served as USCG’s authority on all small business
and socio-economic related guidelines, policies, regulations and was delegated the authority for
planning and carrying out acquisition activities in support of the small business programs. In
recognition of his professional efforts and mission impact, Mr. Deneal was awarded the 2018 U.S.
DHS Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Excellence in Industry Engagement Award and 2018
Federal Small Business Champion by Homeland Security Today, a media outlet.

Mr. Deneal is an active thought leader in the Federal Acquisition space and a staunch advocate for
the small business community. A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Mr. Dwight D. Deneal
graduated from Hampton University, Hampton, VA where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in
Business Management and is also a graduate of Harvard University Kennedy School of
Government Executive Education Program. He is married to a loving and supportive wife,
Adrienne N. Deneal and their child David D. Deneal.