Gokcin Cinar

Dr. Gökçin Çınar

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering
University of Michigan

Dr. Gökçin Çınar is the Principal Investigator of the Integrated Design of Environmentally-friendly Aerospace Systems Lab at the University of Michigan. Her research aims to bring a holistic approach that accounts for the system-level and life-cycle impact of greenhouse gas emissions in the design and operation of unconventional aircraft concepts, such as electrified propulsion and hydrogen-powered aircraft. Previously, Dr. Çınar worked as a Research Engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology where she oversaw a range of government and industry funded research projects on future aircraft technologies and sustainable aviation. Her most recent and notable works include contributions to NASA’s Electrified Powertrain Flight Demonstrators project and the 2022 ICAO report on the Long Term Global Aspirational Goal for International Aviation.