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Marcello Guadagno

Marcello Guadagno

PhD Candidate
Michigan Technological University

Marcello Guadagno is a PhD Candidate at Michigan Technological University’s Mechanical Engineering department. He conducts research in the Planetary Surface Technology Development Lab building moon rovers and lunar surface science instruments. Marcello’s research is sponsored by NASA and is a Department of Defense SMART fellow with the Air Force Research Labs Space Vehicle Directorate. 

Marcello has a BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and International Leadership (MTU 2019, 2022). He has almost a decade of end-to-end space mission engineering and program management experience. During his undergrad, Marcello led the development of several smallsat missions at his university. He has previously worked at Orbion, the Space Dynamics Lab, and NASA. Marcello currently consults as a senior systems engineer at Cutting Edge Communications. 

To further support the growth of the Aerospace Industry at Michigan Tech, Marcello founded a local chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in the fall of 2022. The MTU AIAA chapter has since grown into the largest professional organization on campus.