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Michel Merluzeau

Director, Market Analysis & Strategy Commercial & Defense Markets
AIR (Aerospace Intelligence LLC)

Michel Merluzeau brings twenty five years of aerospace research expertise, leading global teams providing analysis and strategic insights. He is primarily responsible for establishing and reviewing AIR strategic priorities and translating them into research services & products across commercial aerospace and defense markets.

Over the years, Michel has managed over one hundred projects ranging from complex end-user analysis,
product launch strategies, capture campaigns, competitive strategy & intelligence assessments. These
included analyses across civilian and military markets including special mission, ISR, tactical aircraft,
transport category and business aircraft. His primary areas of expertise are aircraft systems with particular
emphasis on commercial avionics, military sensors, flight control technologies and aircraft materials.
Prior to joining AIR in 2016, Michel worked for the Frost & Sullivan Aerospace & Defence group from 1994 to 2006 as an analyst and then as Director of the DC Defense practice, and from 2014 to 2016 as Vice President, Commercial Aerospace. He also served as the Managing Director of G2 Solutions, a market
analysis firm based in Seattle from 2006 to 2014.

Michel has been a regular contributor to Speednews, PNAA, Frost & Sullivan, Ohio Aerospace Institute,
INWAC and Aviation Today conferences and is frequently mentioned in news/publications including; Aviation Today, NBC, WSJ, TVA, AFP, BBC, CNBC, Flight International, Avionics Magazine, Bloomberg News and Sky News.

AIR collaborates with DC based Aero Analysis Partners and Orange County based Patriot Industrial Partners.

Michel is a graduate of the University of Provence where he studied Economics, Applied Mathematics and